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Sunfire uses Aucotec's Engineering Base software for more efficient and agile plant development and clearer modular engineering.

Sunfire relies on Aucotec's platform for hydrogen electrolysis

April 1, 2024
Sunfire now relies on Aucotec’s EB cooperation platform for plant development and clearer modular engineering

Engineering software specialist Aucotec and hydrogen-electrolysis company Sunfire GmbH reported Feb. 13 that they’ve collaborated to solve several problems, and that Sunfire now relies on Aucotec’s Engineering Base (EB) cooperation platform for more efficient, agile plant development and clearer modular engineering.

Because the international hydrogen market still lacks enough electrolysis capacity to meet increasing demand for hydrogen, Aucotec is helping electrolyzer manufacturers increase production more quickly. They’re focusing on optimized and scalable engineering processes for shorter project periods. Aucotec’s solution is its data-centered, cooperation-platform Engineering Base (EB) software. 

“EB’s object-oriented data model enables more efficient and agile plant development, as well as cross-disciplinary modularization throughout our design process," says Dr. Wolfgang Staroske, project engineering director at Sunfire. “EB lets engineering disciplines work together, so every change or addition is immediately visible and trackable for everyone involved.”

Sunfire uses EB to standardize its previously fragmented engineering software, and reduce its susceptibility to errors via consistent data and automatic change management. "This increases documentation quality. At the same time, EB bundles company know-how centrally in its database," adds Staroske. "This allows us to work more efficiently, and we expect to reduce our personnel costs." 

Likewise, EB's ability to modularize across disciplines is a particular focus for Sunfire. "We work with highly standardized modules that can be 'clicked together' and scale up plants by multiplying the modules," says Staroske. “This platform fulfills our most important requirements: complete object orientation, clear navigation options and better electrical and process engineering functions. Our partnership with Aucotec will help to produce green hydrogen on a large scale and promote profitable business models for a sustainable world."

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