Schneider Electric, Mainspring partner on fuel-flexible microgrid

April 16, 2024
The partnership combines Schneider’s EcoStruxure Microgrid software and design-build services with Mainspring’s Linear Generator

Schneider Electric and Mainspring Energy reported Mar. 20 that they’re partnering to offer a hybrid-energy technology that combines Schneider’s EcoStruxure Microgrid software and design-build services with Mainspring’s Linear Generator. This combination is expected to provide power, fuel flexibility and energy resilience, let users generate electricity onsite, and operate in parallel to the power grid or independently when needed. 

This decentralized microgrid will ensure accessible electricity to critical operations, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The novel fuel-flexibility of Mainspring’s power-generator also lets users switch dynamically without retrofit among multiple fuel options, including low- and zero-carbon fuels.

“Commercial and industrial facilities are dealing with increasing electricity demands,” says Jana Gerber, president of Schneider Electric North America’s Microgrid division. “At the same time, organizations needing power also have decarbonization goals. Mainspring’s Linear Generator can help them transition to net-zero. Users are provided with a microgrid that can generate power onsite, adapt to an evolving grid landscape, and help meet their decarbonization goals.”

Launched in 2020, Linear Generators are running in multiple U.S. regions, where they also seamlessly switch between fuel types. These include renewable options such as biofuels, green ammonia and green hydrogen. This flexibility empowers customers in their transition to clean energy sources.

“We designed the Linear Generator so organizations can capitalize on clean fuels as they become more available and cost-effective without having to replace or retrofit equipment,” adds Shannon Miller, CEO and founder at Mainspring. “We’re thrilled to partner with Schneider Electric to meet the evolving energy needs of our commercial and industrial customers, while helping work towards a zero-carbon grid.”

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