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GE Vernova and Montana Technologies form AirJoule joint venture

June 6, 2024
Will combine sorbent materials and coating process with process system into air-conditioning, water-harvesting products

GE Vernova reported Mar. 11 that its formed a 50/50 joint venture (JV) with Montana Technologies LLC that will incorporate GE Vernova's proprietary sorbent materials into systems with Montana's patented AirJoule dehumidification, air conditioning and atmospheric water harvesting technology. The new JV, entitled AirJoule LLC, is one of the first business transactions by GE Vernova's new Ventures and Incubation group, which brings energy-transition innovations to users by collaborating with startups.

AirJoule uses advanced sorbents and a self-regenerating, pressure-swing adsorption system to harvest thermal energy and pure water from the air. GE Vernova developed these atmospheric, water-harvesting technologies under the direction of Dr. David Moore, who also leads technology development for GE Vernova Advanced Research's disruptive carbon capture portfolio, which seeks to deploy novel sorbent-based solutions that can enable a zero-carbon emissions future. Incorporating GE Vernova's sorbent innovations into AirJoule® technology will enhance the performance of the JV's energy-saving HVAC components as well as its atmospheric water harvesting products.

"As we work to electrify and decarbonize the world, supporting and scaling breakthrough technologies will be critical to the energy transition," said GE Vernova CEO Scott Strazik. "By leveraging the work of our Advanced Research team with Montana's technology, AirJoule® represents a strong step forward in reducing energy use and carbon emissions in the air conditioning industry and the future of air-to-water generation."

"We’re elated to have this fantastic joint venture collaboration with GE Vernova," said Matt Jore, CEO of Montana Technologies. "The sorbent and coating innovations developed by GE Vernova’s research team combined with the system developed at Montana puts us in a leading position to scale this technology to reduce energy consumption and address water scarcity."

To support the JV, GE Vernova also invested in Montana Technologies, which follows recent investments by Carrier and the Rice Investment Group. In addition, GE Vernova's advanced research team will support the JV's R&D. Also, Dr. Bryan Barton will leave GE Vernova to lead the JV as its CEO.

"AirJoule has the potential to revolutionize air conditioning efficiency and access to clean water globally," says Barton. "This breakthrough leverages advances across scientific disciplines, allowing our collaborations to deliver products that harvest pure water directly from the air, while reducing energy consumption in cooling systems."

Dr. Pete McGrail, CTO at Montana and former PNNL Laboratory Fellow, adds, "AirJoule is a transformational technology that combines advanced desiccant materials with novel engineered components to allow extraction of water from the atmosphere in an energy efficient manner. Once deployed, AirJoule should immediately reduce energy consumption in a range of global applications, including dehumidification, air conditioning, water harvesting and water heating. It's a great scientific achievement that will aid in creating a better way of life for millions worldwide."

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