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Opswat and Foxguard partner on OT cybersecurity

June 7, 2024
The partnership will offer Opswat’s MetaDefender kiosk, NetWall for secure data transfers and OT security asset visibility products

Perimeter cybersecurity supplier Opswat announced Mar. 7 its partnership with OT cybersecurity provider Foxguard, which focuses on the energy and nuclear sectors. Recognizing the persistent vulnerabilities inherent in OT/ICS environments using legacy systems, Foxguard provides OT patch management for reducing risk and minimizing mean time to remediation. 

Consequently, Foxguard will offer Opswat’s MetaDefender kiosk for peripheral media protection, NetWall for secure data transfers, and OT Security for enhanced asset visibility. 

“We’re excited to embark on this partnership with Foxguard, which shares our commitment to fortifying critical infrastructure against evolving cyber threats,” says Alessandro Porro, VP of global channels at Opswat. “By combining our expertise and innovative technologies, we aim to empower organizations worldwide to securely and confidently navigate the digital landscape.”

Jean-Francois Gignac, global head of alliances, partnerships and international sales at Foxguard, adds, “Our strategic alignment on products and shared expertise reinforces our commitment to better serving our customers. Together with Opswat, we’re poised to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape with tailored solutions that meet the unique challenges faced by critical infrastructure sectors.”

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