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A major factor behind Westermo’s move into Denmark is the country’s fast-growing renewable energy industry.

Westermo opens Denmark office to support key industries

June 11, 2024
Copenhagen facility provides local support for energy, rail, water and marine sectors seeking secure, reliable data communications

Westermo announced Mar. 1 that it’s continued its expansion in Europe by opening its first office in Copenhagen, Denmark. This new base will provide more local support for users in the energy, rail, water and wastewater, and maritime sectors. Westermo designs and manufactures industrial Ethernet hardware and software for data communications networks in harsh environments.

Kenneth Olsen will serve as Westermo’s inaugural account manager in Denmark, while Örjan Axelsson was named managing director (MD) of Westermo Denmark, and will serve in tandem with his existing position as MD of Westermo in Sweden and Finland.

“Close proximity to our customers has always been an important aspect of Westermo’s expansion strategy, and it will continue moving forward,” says Axelsson. “By strengthening our presence in Denmark, we’ll not only offer our full, broad range of industrial data communications solutions, but also provide comprehensive support at the local level.”

Another major reason for Westermo’s move into Denmark is its fast-growing, renewable-energy industry. Government support for infrastructure development has sparked investment in wind and solar power. In addition, the Danish national grid is expanding, with many projects scheduled to launched over the next decade, while Denmark is also set to see major growth in sectors such as rail signalling and telecommunications, water and wastewater treatment, and shipping.

“Such a major level of growth creates an increasing need for highly reliable, secure and resilient data communications networks to support these key industries,” explained Axelsson. “With the addition of local support through our new office in Copenhagen, this makes us the ideal partner to solve Denmark’s toughest networking challenges, helping to ensure seamless connectivity and continuous operation in some of the country’s most vital industrial applications.”

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