Distributed Control

Foxboro automation system implemented at Cigar Lake uranium operation

Source: ControlGlobal.com

Jul 18, 2005

CAMECO CORP., the world's leading uranium producer, has selected Invensys Process Systems to implement a Foxboro automation system at the Cigar Lake Mine in Saskatchewan, Canada. The system will monitor and control all key mining production operations at Cigar Lake, the world's largest undeveloped high-grade uranium deposit. The implementation includes the latest I/A Series V8.0 hardware and software, engineering services, training, field services, and Foxboro HART-based field instrumentation for processes bid to date.

The I/A Series automation system for Cameco is highly distributed. The newest generation I/A Series family field-mounted control processors is being deployed at various stages of the uranium mining process, having started with the shaft concrete plant and freeze systems (ore body stabilization) plant, to be followed by underground ore handling, grinding operations, slurry load-out, and waste water treatment. A variety of field I/O platforms are being deployed, integrating HART combined analog and digital signals with Ethernet and serial connections to third-party devices. The I/A Series system will also interface with Modicon PLC systems using Foxboro's latest field device system integrator I/O modules.

Cameco implementation of the Foxboro control automation project is in two stages. The shaft concrete plant and freeze systems are being implemented now for completion in Fall 2005. Automation for the balance of the Cigar Lake Mine operations is projected to be complete in 2007.

The Cigar Lake automation project extends Invensys presence at Cameco. The company's largest uranium operation at McArthur River Mine, also in Saskatchewan, has been benefiting from extensive I/A Series automation implementation since 1999.