Interface module enables addition of fieldbus devices


Sep 23, 2005

EMERSON PROCESS Management has announced the latest release of the Rosemount 3420 Fieldbus Interface Module (FIM). Designed for users in facilities without fieldbus I/O, the interface module enables installation of Foundation fieldbus devices with any host system. 

The latest release of FIM provides access to predictive diagnostic information from the fieldbus devices, enabling asset management and performance optimization. Users are able to add applications for continuous monitoring of digital valve health, allowing predictive maintenance and avoidance of abnormal situations. The FIM also enables control-in-the-field using peer-to-peer communications between fieldbus devices. 

Process monitoring such as temperature and machinery monitoring, and many smaller discrete areas of process automation in the plant can be improved when automated with fieldbus devices.

The FIM uses web server technology to simplify commissioning, configuration and maintenance tasks. The scaleable architecture provides a maximum of four separate Foundation fieldbus segments, including power conditioners. Control can be shifted into the field, enabling tighter action and higher production yields.

External communications with any basic process control system are achieved using Modbus RTU (RS485), Modbus TCP/IP (Ethernet), HSE and OPC interfaces. The module is also compatible with commercially available wireless solutions. Full support is available from Emerson for fieldbus segment design, engineering, host integration, installation, commissioning and staff training.

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