FDT Group, PACTware Consortium formalize collaboration

Source: ControlGlobal.com

Apr 25, 2006


FDT Group / PACTware Consortium


HANOVER, GERMANY, April 24, 2006 -- FDT Group and PACTware Consortium have signed a cooperation agreement that will allow PACTware Consortium to jointly develop software solutions with the FDT Group based on FDT technology, The joint venture will allow users to operate field devices of different manufacturers with a single standard software for device configuration.

Within the agreement, FDT Group grants PACTware Consortium the nomination of one representative for election to the Board of Directors, and one representative as Vice President in the Executive Committee. FDT Group grants PACTware Consortium one voting delegate per project group to each of the FDT Group’s Marketing, Technical, and Association & Standards Committees.

The PACTware Consortium grants FDT Group a voting delegate to the Marketing Working Group to coordinate marketing activities of both organizations. The partners believe that this strategic cooperation is in the best interest of the automation industry and will accelerate the use of open FDT Technology in all industries.