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Emerson to digitally automate BW Enterprise FPSO

Source: ControlGlobal.com

May 02, 2006

     BW Enterprise
  BW Enterpise

BW Enterprise is one of the world’s largest vessels of its kind for production, storage, processing and offloading of oil.


Emerson Process Management has been awarded a contract from Bergesen Worldwide Offshore for supplying a safety and automation system (SAS), process instrumentation, and fiscal metering system for the FPSO BW Enterprise, one of the world’s largest vessels of its kind for production, storage, processing and offloading of oil.


The project is part of Bergesen Worldwide Offshore’s effort to convert the tanker BW Enterprise, which measures 340 meters long by 65 meters wide, to a floating, production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. The FPSO will process oil from satellite fields in addition to importing oil from other platforms, then mix and store it for delivery to tankers or via pipelines to refineries. There are currently 61 FPSOs operating worldwide, and the BW Enterprise is one of 11 being added.

Quickly getting to first oil is critical and the BW Enterprise will start production in the spring of 2007 from the KMZ fields in the Gulf of Mexico and will become the first FPSO in the region. The FPSO's production capacity will be 200,000 bbl/d, gas compression capacity 120MMscf/d, import of oil 550,000 bbl/d, offloading capacity 1,200,000 bbl/d, oil export (pipeline) 200,000 bbl/d,with storage capacity of 2,400,000 bbl, and gas export of 120 MMscf/d. 

Emerson will supply its PlantWeb digital automation architecture including digital Foundation fieldbus communications, digital automation systems, and intelligent field devices. The architecture integrates operations for optimum process control, operational excellence, and management information. A network of intelligent transmitters, analyzers, valves, and equipment monitors delivers continuous process and equipment health information. The predictive capabilities of the architecture will deliver high uptime for the BW Enterprise’s process system, marine systems, power systems and security systems.

“We’ve chosen Emerson as our partner and included the company in the integrated team, partly responsible for the DCS/SAS project handling, because of its leading competencies in oil and gas installations,” said Thore Stubberud, EIT Manager, of Bergesen Worldwide Offshore AS. “In addition, PlantWeb shall help us minimize operating and maintenance costs related to these systems and improve efficiencies, which is important for Bergesen Worldwide Offshore as the owner responsible for the operation of the FPSO.” 

Also included in the project is Emerson’s SIL 3 classified smart Safety Instrumented System (SIS). This is reportedly the first SIS available with integrated asset management solutions based on HART technology, making it possible to achieve optimum availability because the complete safety loop is checked continuously. The smart SIS uses digital intelligence to automate testing throughout the safety loop – in safety-certified SIS sensors, transmitters, logic solvers and final elements – to ensure the loops perform on demand. The resulting high reliability of safety systems reduces the risk of FPSO trips, which keeps customers up and running. The project will meet the requirements of safety standard IEC 61511, and includes TÜV-approved project handling.

The intelligent field devices being used on the project include Rosemount pressure, flow, and temperature transmitters. Fisher control valves are included for temperature, liquid level and gas pressure control. The contract includes special valve trims to cope with aerodynamic noise, high pressure drop to inlet pressure ratio and cavitation issues. All valves are fitted with FieldVue digital valve controllers with advanced diagnostic capabilities for condition-based predictive maintenance.

Emerson also will supply the world’s first smart skid for the project, complete with DeltaV digital automation system, and including Daniel five stream, liquid ultrasonic fiscal metering systems with a 30-in. bi-directional prover and S600 steam flow computers.