Detroit Edison to deploy SmartSignal's EPI Center


Apr 27, 2006

Detroit Edison will deploy SmartSignal's EPI Center predictive analytics solution at its new, state-of-the-art Performance Center in Ann Arbor, Mich. EPI Center will enable Detroit Edison to monitor equipment health through the use of existent data and real-time analytics. The solution will reportedly be deployed across 29 units (19 fossil fuel and 10 combustion turbine) representing 8,491 megawatts of power in southeastern Michigan.


SmartSignal was initially deployed by Detroit Edison at its Monroe Plant, according to Joe Robinson, who manages the company's Fossil Generation Process Controls and Technology. "SmartSignal's EPI Center provides insight into the health of all our key equipment," he said. "We expect to significantly reduce unplanned downtime and to improve maintenance programs, which will help us provide even higher levels of consistent and reliable generation to our customers."

SmartSignal's EPI Center continually inspects key aspects of equipment health to provide early warning of impending problems, enabling increased uptime and reduced operating costs. It uses a methodology whereby models of historical performance are developed for each serial-number-specific piece of machinery, and actual readings of all relevant sensors, in a holistic manner, are compared to historical in all operating states.