NEMA publishes cable-tray install guide

Source: Industrial Networking,

Dec 14, 2006

The National Electrical Manufac­turers Association (NEMA) recently published its “VE 2-2006, Cable Tray Installation Guidelines, 3rd Edition,” a practical guide for proper installation of cable-tray systems. The guide addresses shipping, handling, storing, and installing cable-tray systems, and includes information on maintenance and system modification.

Cable-tray system design must comply with NEC Article 392, NEMA VE 1, and NEMA FG 1, and follow safe work practices as described in NFPA 70E. The guidelines in this publication are useful to engineers, contractors, and maintenance personnel. NEMA VE 2-2006 has been revised to reference the 2005 version of the National Electrical Code, and provides clarification for grounding and bonding cable trays, as well as recent cable tray product developments.

VE 2-2006 may be downloaded free of charge at