OMAC and WBF co-locate 2009 events


Oct 10, 2008

Research Triangle Park, N.C., October 8 – OMAC and WBF will be co-locating their 2009 conferences, May 4-6, 2009, in Research Triangle Park, N.C., at the Sheraton Imperial Hotel and Conference Center.

These Automation Federation member organizations will hold their conferences in the same location to provide their members and event attendees a greater breadth of topics and additional networking opportunities, and will increase collaboration between the organizations for the advancement of industry and industrial standards.

The WBF 2009 North American Conference is dedicated to providing attendees with a broad and balanced view of the world of new manufacturing methods and technologies.
Presentations and tutorials will focus on ISA88, ISA95, ISA99, B2MML, Make2Pack and more.

This will compliment the 2009 OMAC Integration Symposium, which is designed to help attendees learn from experiences with real-world projects related to current and evolving manufacturing methods and technologies in packaging, machine tools, robotics, emerging technologies, operations management, and the implementation of industry standards, including OMAC Connect-and-Pack, ISA88 and Make2Pack.

The events will share an exhibition, available to attendees throughout the show. The conferences will also feature tutorials on Monday, May 4, 2009.

Both the 2009 OMAC Integration Symposium and the WBF 2009 North American Conference will construct their events around the theme “Expanding the Horizons of Manufacturing: Learning and Sharing with the Leaders in Automation and Manufacturing.”