Distributed Control

Davis Instruments Helps You Monitor and Control Automation and Process Systems

Source: ControlGlobal.com

By Control Global Staff

Aug 14, 2012

Davis Instruments CatalogThe Industrial Automation & Control Resource from Davis Instruments Offers all the components needed to monitor and control automation and process systems.

This 96-page catalog includes a variety of push buttons, sensors, switches, HMIs, PLCs, controllers, relays, signal conditioners, and much more. Among the featured products, you will find Red Lion's Data Station Plus Operator Interfaces that provides easy mapping to PLCs, PCs, drives, and SCADA systems. Also, the New Beijer Electronics Human Machine Interfaces are certified for hazardous locations and designed for high levels of shock, vibration, and temperature. The Opto 22 SNAP PAC System is ideal for industrial control monitoring and data acquisition applications.

To view more products, request a catalog at www.davis.com/19389