Foundation Fieldbus

ABB's System 800xA Provides Integrated Fieldbus Architecture


By Fieldbus Foundation

Sep 19, 2013

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

ABB's System 800xA application of High Speed Ethernet (HSE) provides for management and device data access independent from the controller. System 800xA has the ability to execute control across segments within and across multiple linking devices and the ability to share FOUNDATION device information with more than one controller at the same time. Multiple engineers can access multiple H1 links in parallel at planning and commissioning reducing commissioning time.

ABB reports that System 800xA is the only leading DCS that offers FOUNDATION HSE as the primary solution for implementing FOUNDATION fieldbus. All of the other key suppliers use direct FOUNDATION H1 cards that only provide connectivity to a single controller and require the controllers to be an integral part of the overall FOUNDATION architecture. Some suppliers do have linking devices, but they are only used as a means of moving asset management information from the segments to asset management software. The linking devices play no role in control, management, or visualization of the control functions. ABB's solution offers a more reliable field control visibility and better communication performance on an Ethernet backbone rather than relying on controllers to transfer data from one FOUNDATION H1 segment to another.

For more information visit the ABB website.