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MooreHawke Case Study Describes Device Coupler Application


By Fieldbus Foundation

Jul 03, 2013

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TRUNKGUARD Series 200 (TG200) fieldbus device couplers from MooreHawke, a division of Moore Industries, afford end users what they need most: availability.  These fourth generation device couplers offer superior termination and short circuit features that allow fieldbus segments to continue operating even after haphazard human mistakes or plant accidents.

TRUNKGUARD Series 200 (TG200) fieldbus device couplersThis was true for Ashland, Inc., which recently made the TG200 a major part of a FOUNDATION fieldbus upgrade at their world-class 1,4-butanediol (BDO) plant in Lima, OH. By selecting the TG200 as their device coupler solution, Ashland simplified the upgrade process and taken full advantage of the benefits offered by FOUNDATION fieldbus.

The TG200 solves the most common issues of segment termination and short circuit protection. Its end-of-line-sensing auto termination feature allows local devices on a segment to continue even if remote couplers are accidentally disconnected, preventing downtime and potential hazards. The innovative short circuit protection in the TG200 detects a short in less than five microseconds and allows users to place more devices on fieldbus segments thanks to a decreased trickle current draw of 4 to 5mA during a short circuit.

Read about Ashland's use of the TG200 by downloading the case study at the MooreHawke website.