Phoenix Contact Announces Field Diagnostics Module (FDM)

Source: Control Global

By Fieldbus Foundation

Dec 02, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center
Many external influences contribute to the integrity of a bus network. Installation techniques, environmental conditions and noise will affect the communication signals of the fieldbus. These conditions are found in the field, and measuring diagnostics at the enclosure provides accurate, real-time data to the operator and maintenance personnel. Critical process measurement such as segment voltage, noise and signal can be monitored directly in the field through the H1 bus.

FF1412 PhoenixProdNew technology makes it possible to obtain measured fieldbus parameters directly from the environments where communication disturbances occur, and to see the data in your control system.

The Field Diagnostics Module (FDM) can seamlessly integrate into any control system with the use of DD, EDDL and DTM. Using an asset management system can provide full functionality of the FDM. The dashboard provides opportunity to set important alerts as well as descriptions of possible solutions for issues. It can also provide a full commissioning report on any segment to keep for your future record purposes.

You can easily add an FDM to any segment in a legacy control system by connecting to any additional spurs. Improve your commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting procedures by adding FDM to your legacy systems with Phoenix Contact Process Infrastructure Solutions.

For additional information, visit the Phoenix Contact website.