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Red Lion Controls Works with Facelco S.A.S. Providing Remote Connectivity Solution

Source: Red Lion Controls

By Red Lion Controls

Feb 10, 2014

Red Lion Controls and Facelco S.A.S. work together to build a remote connectivity solution for Empresas Publicas de Medellin (EPM) in Colombia, a leading multi-utility and telco company focusing on power generation, transmission and distribution, natural gas distribution, wastewater treatment, aqueducts and telecommunications. The combined Red Lion/Facelco industrial-grade remote connectivity solution provides monitoring and control throughout EPM's power distribution network, helping to save time and reduce costs.

CG1402 RedLion RTUsEPM turned to Red Lion and Facelco to enable remote connectivity capabilities for its power distribution infrastructure of reclosers. With multiple locations, the multi-utility company was looking for a flexible solution to monitor and interact with legacy equipment across its distributed network infrastructure. By using a remote connectivity solution that combines Red Lion's Sixnet series industrial RTUs and cellular routers with a network analyzer from Facelco, EPM can seamlessly connect, monitor and control its existing recloser network. This upgrade enables EPM to lower overall total cost of ownership by extending the life of its infrastructure and preserving CAPEX expenditures for other projects.

Alejandro Arango, engineering director at Facelco, said that the primary benefit for EPM was implementing a solution that would extend the life of its existing recloser network.

"This remote connectivity solution allowed us to extend the life of existing legacy equipment, which can last 15-20 years, as well as increase control of the network," said Arango. "By working with Red Lion and Facelco, EPM was able to cost-effectively improve network control, maximize availability and protect its network investment."

The remote connectivity solution includes Red Lion IndustrialPro cellular routers that deliver wireless DNP-3 connectivity to RTUs that act as a controller. This deployment enables EPM to remotely connect and communicate with its power distribution system. In addition, Facelco network analyzers provide real-time diagnostics that allow EPM to proactively respond to conditions to ensure system integrity and network uptime.

Power substations and electric, gas and water utilities like EPM require high-speed, high-capacity networks that enable real-time access to critical information regardless of location. Red Lion's industrial automation and networking solutions improve productivity and reliability by providing customers the ability to seamlessly connect, monitor and control operations.

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