Softing: Easy Interface for FOUNDATION Fieldbus

By Fieldbus Foundation

Dec 18, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center
Softing's FFeasy solution significantly reduces the implementation effort to enable your field device as a FOUNDATION fieldbus interface. The FFeasy software includes four AI function blocks for the process values, a PID function block and up to 25 customized parameters. A mapping tool based on Microsoft Excel simplifies the customized mapping of the parameters. Softing's FOUNDATION fieldbus starter kit for the realization of a small network and the flasher toolset are an integral part of the FFeasy package.

FF1412 SoftingLogo2The software has a FOUNDATION fieldbus ITK 6.1.2 certification and is based on the Softing standard hardware solution FBK-2, which has already passed a physical layer and a conformance test (CTK). As a result, a FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 transmitter product, which has been developed based on the FFeasy kit, only requires the short and very cost effective re-certification process at a Fieldbus Foundation certification lab (private label ITK).

Currently, solutions for a fieldbus connection are available, which allow using an existing serial interface (UART) with MODBUS or HART protocol as FOUNDATION fieldbus connection. Hence, the FFeasy approach fits for a huge scope of HART- or MODBUS-enabled devices (i.e., transmitters for temperature, density, flow, level etc.).

For additional information, visit the Softing website.