Endress+Hauser Field Xpert: Device documentation at the touch of a button

By FieldComm Group

Jul 10, 2015

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FCGI EHProductField Xpert allows HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices to be configured, diagnosed and optimized in the simplest possible manner. All well and good, but have you ever stood in front of an instrument and suddenly realized that you need additional information about it as quickly as possible? Perhaps help to connect it up or the meaning of a flashing device LED?

With the latest Field Xpert software release, consider it a problem solved. By scanning the data matrix code on the nameplate of every new Endress+Hauser instrument or entering the serial number of older ones, you can immediately access the necessary information both on- and off-line. Electrical connection diagrams, error code descriptions with possible remedies, commissioning procedures, device descriptions, technical information sheets, installation manuals, and SIL- and Ex-safety instructions are all now available at the touch of a button.


For more information, visit www.endress.com/sfx350 and www.endress.com/sfx370.