Ethernet/ IP includes power management for equipment in operation

Source: ODVA

By Aaron Hurd

Jun 03, 2015

ODVA has announced that the new edition of The Ethernet/ IP Specification provides the framework for users to design energy-conserving functionality into their products for when equipment is in production mode. The update is the latest product of ODVA’s Optimization of Energy Usage (OEU) initiative addressing energy as a managed resource.

The industrial sector alone consumes about half of the world's total delivered energy, making it the largest end-use sector. "By 2035, global industrial energy consumption is projected to increase by 40 percent from pre-recession levels, much of it from emerging economies," said Katherine Voss, president and executive director, ODVA. "Implementing strategies for energy conservation by the industrial sector will be crucial to meeting ambitious sustainability objectives for all."

For the latest editions of the specifications, visit The CIP Networks Library.