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MooreHawke TRUNKGUARD enables fast and safe device connection

By FieldComm Group

Sep 28, 2015

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MooreHawke's TRUNKGUARD Series 200 Fieldbus Device Couplers (TG200) are a fast and easy way to connect multiple fieldbus devices to a main fieldbus trunk in FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks. They are designed for installation in General Purpose, Non-Incendive and Zone 2 applications and are available in ready-to-install, field mount enclosures.

Protect Spurs from Segment Faults: On detection of excess current on a fieldbus spur, the TG200 reacts immediately (20 microseconds) to switch spur current to a nominal trickle-level. With removal of the short, the spur is automatically reconnected to the fieldbus segment. This is a significant advantage to "current-limiting" designs on other device couplers, which hold a fault permanently on the segment at a higher than normal current level. This often results in segment failure by overloading the segment power supply.

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Automatic Segment Termination: Patented Automatic Segment Termination eliminates the most common installation error: segment failure from under or over termination. Its auto-termination feature assures that local parts of a fieldbus segment will continue with proper termination even if remote parts of that segment are accidentally disconnected. This prevents costly downtime and hazardous situations.

For more information, visit the MooreHawke website.