Nanoline Contest Winners Announce

By Control

Mar 04, 2015

A team from Benton Central Jr./Sr. High School in Oxford, Indiana, has won Phoenix Contact's 2015 Nanoline Contest. The grand prize is a trip to Louisville, Kentucky, in April. Team members include Blake Stawsma, Justin Shultz, Wil Barce, Kyle Laramore, Bryce Nehrig and Nate Post. The team designed and built the "Fully Automated Nanoline T-Shirt Cannon," which runs on Phoenix Contact's Nanoline Controller and uses the intuitive, flowchart-based nanoNavigator software to control the application. The group will travel to Louisville in April, where they will observe the final rounds of the VEX Robotics World Championship

CG1503 Nanoline Contest

Nanoline Contest Winners

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