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AwiaTech announces WirelessHART Stack Licensing & Development Program

Source: FieldComm Group

Mar 29, 2016

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AwiaTech has announced the release of the AwiaTech WirelessHART Stack Licensing Program and Rapid Development Program. The AwiaTech WirelessHART Stack is used in FieldComm Group registered products and conforms to the latest HART v7.5 Specification, making it fully interoperable with registered WirelessHART devices and systems. The stack runs on top of various open hardware platforms and is a cost-effective solution to migrate an existing HART 5 device to WirelessHART.



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Key benefits of the AwiaTech WirelessHART stack include: 

    • Used in HART Registered™ products
    • Low power consumption
    • Modular design to run on open hardware platforms
    • Standard FSK application layer for quick and easy integration with other FSK HART modules

A stack license includes: unlimited copies of devices for a single device type, complete source code project template with WirelessHART stack binary library, reference hardware design schematic for main/child PCB boards, device descriptor (DD) source code, and a sample device for quick-start development.

The AwiaTech WirelessHART Rapid Development Program offers HART device suppliers a simple, fast, and cost-effective migration solution to migrate an existing HART 5 device to WirelessHART enabled in just a few days.

For more information, visit the AwiaTech website.