Emerson, Shell Philippines keep energy flowing

Nov 17, 2016

Emerson Process Management reports it recently upgraded automation to improve reliability at the Malampaya natural gas facility run by Shell Philippines Exploration B.V. (SPEX), and finished ahead of schedule. Gas from Malampaya powers generating stations, which provide up to 40% of the electricity for Luzon, the Philippines’ largest island and home to more than 48 million people.

As part of the automation upgrade, Emerson specialists helped SPEX execute a planned upgrade to address impending obsolescence of the safety system on its onshore gas processing facility, as well as a planned upgrade of control systems, networks and valve equipment on its offshore production platform. Emerson experts worked closely with SPEX in planning the changes to ensure the shortest possible downtime, as well as the safety of more than 75 workers who would be involved. Safety and operational performance at Malampaya also won recognition for SPEX as Shell’s Upstream Asset of the Year.

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“The Emerson team helped us complete the work without any safety or environmental incident, on time, and with the right quality,” says Bonifacio Lapuz, turnaround manager, who managed the project for SPEX.