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Endress+Hauser Field Xpert & RFID Tags: Optimize the maintenance process

By FieldComm Group

Jan 25, 2016

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Dirty industrial environments take their toll on instrument labels and trying to clean and decipher worn or corroded labels takes valuable maintenance time. In order that its devices can be quickly identified, even in the harshest of environments, Endress+Hauser has introduced optional RFID tags. Available for all devices, they support standard Near Field Communication (NFC) and carry information on serial number, manufacturer and device name, as well as three lines of customer information (e.g., measuring point tag and location).

FCG1601 EH FieldXpert

When equipped with an optional RFID NFC head, the latest version of Field Xpert SFX370, Endress+Hauser's handheld HART® and FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus configurator can read and display the information from the RFID tag. Furthermore, it can simply download device documentation such as manuals, data sheets, safety instructions, etc. and displays product details and status, provided WiFi is available on site. Field Xpert's large SD card ensures that once downloaded, documents and information are stored and can be easily used later, even when you are offline.

The ability to easily identify a device and immediately download all relevant information about it represents a significant improvement to the maintenance process, where optimizing time and effort is of the greatest importance.

For more information, visit the Endress+Hauser website.