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Endress+Hauser FieldCare Package improves DTM Handling

Source: FieldComm Group

Mar 29, 2016

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FieldCare, Endress+Hauser’s universal device configuration and management tool, now features an improved Installation Manager that allows single DTMs to be selected and installed. DeviceCare, which configures Endress+Hauser devices only, has several improvements, among them automatic connection of the MACtek Bluetooth HART Modem, more DTM catalog functionality and the ability to use DTMs offline.

E+H FieldCare PhotoThe accompanying DTM library, which covers HART, PROFIBUS DP/PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus, Modbus RS485, EtherNet/IP and all Endress+Hauser interfaces, has been updated with those devices that have received new firmware and new devices. A list of devices is to be found in the manufacturer Information.

In addition to the latest version of FieldCare, DeviceCare and the DTM library, the new FieldCare Package 1.27 also contains the latest iDTM library for third-party HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus devices without native DTMs.

For more information, visit the Endress+Hauser website.