GE ‘all in’ on digital transformation

By Keith Larson

Dec 07, 2016

ge minds + machines 2016 immelt and hashmi123Any lingering doubt of GE’s commitment to reinvent itself as a “digital industrial” company were laid to rest at the company’s 2016 Minds + Machines event, November 15-16 in San Francisco. In presentation after presentation, digital technology was hailed as the singular lever capable of jumpstarting languishing productivity growth across global industry.

Jeff Immelt, CEO and chairman, believes GE is uniquely qualified to lead that charge and is “all in” on making the investments to do so. “Why not us?” Immelt said in his keynote address, reiterating the question he often asks of his own employees.

Indeed, GE is itself a global manufacturer, and has set out to reinvent its own industrial operations through digital technology, and then leverage those learnings to help its customers do the same. Proof of that commitment was center stage at Minds + Machines this year, demonstrated by recent strategic acquisitions, organic investments and customer wins.

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