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Honeywell’s SmartLine Multivariable Transmitter provides unique features

By FieldComm Group

May 28, 2016

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The Honeywell SmartLine® multivariable transmitter SMV800 combines sensor technologies for differential pressure, static pressure and process temperature with the latest microprocessor technology. This provides a reliable, fail safe and highly accurate method to calculate compensated mass or volume flow rate as a fourth process variable according to industry standard methods for air, gases, steam and liquids.

The SMV communications protocols meet the current published standards for HART.

SMV800 has the same unique features as pressure, temperature and level transmitters in the SmartLine family. The modular design allows quick on-field replacement of parts without taking transmitters out of process. With the universal terminals, loop wiring can be reversed. The advanced display technologies with multiscreen capabilities ideally suit the need to display measured and calculated process variables, enabling field operators to easily access process parameters, efficiently perform tasks, diagnose and solve problems and avoid errors without a handheld device.

Unlike traditional multivariable devices, SMV can be fully configured using easy-to-use DTMs without device-specific, PC-based tools. With the SmartLine Connection Advantage, the SmartLine transmitters have the highest level of compatibility assurance and integration capabilities with the Experion control system.

For more information, visit the Honeywell website.