Lee College Offers Customized Training for Incumbent Employees

By FieldComm Group

Nov 18, 2016

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Companies looking for customized training for incumbent employees often turn to the Department of Corporate Services at the Lee College Center for Workforce and Community Development, which provides clients a wide range of support – from state-of-the-art learning facilities and specialized programs of study to professional development, skills gap analyses and employee assessments.

Among the most sought-after corporate resources at the Lee College workforce center are on-site FOUNDATION Fieldbus-certified training programs that lead to three different certifications. The FOUNDATION Certified Professional Certificate is ideal for engineers, designers, system analysts, main instrumentation controls contractors and start-up commissioning specialists who want to increase their knowledge of design, planning and implementation of FOUNDATION systems. The FOUNDATION Certified Technical Specialist Certificate is designed for maintenance technicians, network technicians, service specialists, maintenance and contract maintenance supervisors and in-house trainers, while the FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist Certificate is targeted to salespeople, end-user management, estimators, operations staff, quality control specialists and reliability analysts.

The on-campus Fieldbus Center is part of the Corporate Training Center at Lee College and is one of only eight certified training sites in the world, boasting a multimillion-dollar pilot plant and several modern micro-plants equipped with technology and features found in real-world industrial environments.

For more information, please visit the Lee College website.