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Moore Industries' HIM Smart HART Loop Interface converts HART to MODBUS RTU

By FieldComm Group

May 28, 2016

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Moore Industries’ HIM Smart HART Loop Interface and Monitor is available with a HART-to-MODBUS option that converts the digital HART signals from a smart HART instrument to a standard MODBUS RTU protocol output. This allows HART transmitters monitoring temperature, pressure, level, flow, pH along with smart valve positioners to interface directly with MODBUS control systems.

For added availability, the HIM provides for a redundant MODBUS communications link identical to the primary link. Communications continue uninterrupted even if one of the MODBUS links is compromised. The converter also provides a 4-20 mA analog output that may be mapped to any HART variable (primary, secondary, third, or fourth).

Optional dual alarm trip outputs can be individually configured to warn of high/low process conditions. They can also be set to alert the user if the monitored device and/or HART monitor itself is in a fault condition. This includes use of the HART protocol’s status bits to indicate a smart transmitter cold start, field device malfunction, or that the primary variable analog output is fixed, saturated or out of limits.

The HART Interface and Monitor sets up quickly and easily using Moore Industries’ free single window configuration software that can be downloaded from the web site.

For more information, visit the Moore Industries website.