POWER-GEN attendees learn about digital device integration

By FieldComm Group

Jan 25, 2016

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FieldComm Group exhibited intelligent device integration technologies at POWER-GEN International, December 8-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Its booth provided a hands-on look at a broad spectrum of solutions employing FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus, HART®, HART-IP™, WirelessHART® and the Field Device Integration (FDI®) standard.

POWER-GEN International is the world's largest power generation event dedicated to spotlighting the industry's latest innovations, technical trends and business strategies.

FCG1601 Power GenBooth

POWER-GEN attendees learned about FieldComm Group’s core mission to integrate digital devices into automation system architectures while protecting investments in HART and FOUNDATION Fieldbus assets. Talon Petty, marketing and business development manager, said, "Visitors to our booth were able to see, first hand, our efforts to support both controls and instrumentation manufacturers, and end users, throughout the world of process automation. The work of our organization is aimed at creating a standards-based platform driving actionable information from digital automation data."

According to Petty, POWER-GEN International was an excellent venue to show how the combination of the HART Communication Foundation and Fieldbus Foundation, and the addition of FDI within FieldComm Group, will help realize the automation industry's goal of a single, unified body to support advanced digital technology.

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