Smart Industry 2016—keep up with the digital transformation

Sep 11, 2016

2016 Smart Industry ConferenceWe don't have to tell you...manufacturing is getting increasingly smart.

New developments with the Industrial Internet of Things, big-data analytics and 3D printing are providing real benefits to early adopters (and forcing laggards to scramble just to stay competitive).

So how do you keep up? 

Our sister publication, Smart Industry, hosts an annual conference that focuses on the digital transformation of industry. In addition to expert-led presentations that provide attendees insight and tools to take back to their enterprises, the conference features a tour of the first-of-its-kind Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute to learn about the value that digital technologies will have on the factory floor of OEMs and their supply chains.

Learn more about the Smart Industry 2016 conference--taking place in just a few weeks.