Bentley brings BIM to Singapore

Nov 14, 2017

Journeying to Asia for the first time, Bentley Systems' Year in Infrastructure Conference 2017 was staged Oct. 10-12 in Singapore. The event was highlighted by more than 50 Be Inspired Awards finalists, who presented their projects using Bentley's building information management (BIM) software to design, simulate and run applications in six categories.

"There's a lot of desire to invest in infrastructure, but it's usually limited by concerns about the variability of the outcome," said Greg Bentley, CEO of Bentley Systems. "Digitalization can reduce that variability and enable more projects to go forward. As a result, we're committed to going digital, but our advantage is our skill set."

For instance, several Bentley staffers reported how its software tools can combine digital renderings, photos, laser measurement, thermal images and other data sources to create more detailed "reality meshes," digital twins and other models of facilities and their applications and operations. These efforts come under the heading of "constructioneering" ( and "operationeering."

Among the many presentations and announcements at the Year in Infrastructure event, there were several releases, such as:

  • Select Connectservices, a Microsoft Azure-based service, which provides comprehensive learning, mobility and collaboration to Bentley's application subscribers. The program's services include adaptive learning, personal mobility, and ProjectWise connections;
  • ConnectEdition application portfolio for design, analytical, construction and asset performance modeling of infrastructure. Now completely rolled out, its comprehensive modeling environment supports aligned digital workflows across applications for all project deliver disciplines.
  • AECOsim building designer Connect Edition BIM application is available for large and complex building projects.
  • ProjectWise Connect Edition cloud services, also powered by Microsoft Azure, complements and extends Bentley's ProjectWise Design Integration service for work-sharing across collaborating engineering teams.   
  • Acquisition of Action Modulers ( and its water-modeling software business.
  • Introduction of Bentley's iModel 2.0 cloud platform and iModel Hub cloud service, which automate change synchronization, digital alignment and immersive visibility. This solution seamlessly overlays existing BIM processes, and augments ProjectWise Design Integration to enable for connected projects and assets.

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