MESA seeks production process members

Jun 20, 2017

To examine the overlap between business and production processes, engineering and process automation solutions, MESA International reported May 18 that it's immediately opening its Production Process Management Working Group to global manufacturers, producers and solution providers. The working group is also accepting new members, and MESA members can sign up to join at its website.

Rick Strahl, customer success director at Savigent Software, will oversee the working group, lead review and development of technical content, and ensure that it brings value to MESA members and their industries. "Manufacturers know that making their processes more efficient through automation and technology needs to be a priority in today's data-driven, fast-paced business environment," says Strahl. "I'm eager to work with my peers on identifying high-value technical solutions, and developing best practices to guide manufacturers' improvement through integration of their processes, resulting in increased production efficiency and higher profits."

Mike Yost, MESA president, adds, "I'm confident Rick will be a strong leader and advocate for this group. His expertise and insight will be huge assets when tackling issues related to production process management, which is one of the most important topics we focus on."