New Development Solution Expedites Implementation of WirelessHART

By FieldComm Group

Jun 15, 2017

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Microcyber Inc., a company involved with industrial control systems, instruments, communication boards and controllers based in Shenyang, China, has introduced an innovative development solution intended to help FieldComm Group members easily adopt and support WirelessHART in their product lines. The company’s M1100S WirelessHART module recently earned FieldComm Group registration.

The new WirelessHART module joins other software and hardware tools designed to simplify the development process and provide the best chance of compliance with test specifications. It can help device manufacturers with simple and rapid integration of the WirelessHART protocol in field devices to achieve safe, reliable and standard data transmission, improve product performance and ensure a competitive advantage.

WirelessHART is a wireless mesh network communications protocol specially designed for process automation applications. The protocol is safe and stable using industry standard 2.4 GHz ISM frequency band. All information is packaged in one packet to permit data transmission through Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) and Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technologies based on IEEE802.15.4.

The WirelessHART network structure consists of three key elements: field devices, gateway and network manager. It also incorporates a WirelessHART adapter to allow existing HART devices to access the WirelessHART network, and WirelessHART handheld devices to connect to adjacent WirelessHART devices.

Microcyber’s solution employs a wireless communication module compliant with the HART 7.6 protocol. The module can serve as the core part of a WirelessHART field device with its periphery providing a TTL serial port and control interface. Through the serial port, the module communicates with a special customized development board to provide a complete WirelessHART device. Communication between the development board and module employs HART commands. The control interface is used to control input and output of the serial port. This solution supports all the mandatory commands of devices in the HART 7.6 protocol and Burst mode.

In order to assist automation suppliers with quickly developing WirelessHART devices, the module solution is provided with HART protocol stack library files to parse and process the wired command set – eliminating the need to be an expert on HART protocol technology. Utilizing a simple application programming interface (API), users can streamline product development work, shorten the associated design cycle, and reduce product time to market.

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