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By FieldComm Group

Apr 05, 2017

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Are you looking to increase your knowledge of WirelessHART technology? If so, you should sign up for WirelessHART Bootcamp, a multi-week online educational program led by FieldComm Group staff and associates. This innovative program will enable enrollees to gain an understanding of topics such as mesh networking basics, WirelessHART system design, WirelessHART and wired systems, network security, and integrating WirelessHART into the organization.

WirelessHART Bootcamp will consist of six one-hour sessions with specific learning objectives and evaluations. Guest speakers will take part in some sessions to provide relevant expertise.

Slated to begin in the second quarter of this year, the bootcamp curriculum will be divided into the following sections:

1. Understanding industrial wireless communication networks – mesh networking

Ad Hoc mesh networking with WirelessHART is the best solution for industrial process automation facilities. Participants will learn:

  • Differences between wired and wireless systems
  • Network topologies
  • Interference
  • Engineered vs. ad-hoc networks
  • Techniques for managing wireless spectrum
  • Mesh networking

2. System design tradeoffs – battery life, update rates and network density

A thorough understanding of the needs of the application will assure higher reliability and lower maintenance costs. Participants will learn

  • Relationship between PV update rates and battery life
  • Impact of network design on battery life
  • Balancing the real “need” for data with physical realities

3. WirelessHART adapters – adding wireless to existing wired systems

Participants will learn:

  • How to easily digitize field instrument data with WirelessHART adapters
  • Function of a WirelessHART adapter
  • How are adapters used
  • Purchasing considerations for WirelessHART adapters

4. Keeping WirelessHART networks secure

Participants will learn:

  • Major points in the WirelessHART security whitepaper
  • Radio security (TDMA)
  • Password management
  • Encrypted data

5. Management of Change Part 1 – When is it okay to use WirelessHART?

Participants will learn:

  • Applications that can easily be implemented with WirelessHART given organizational risk tolerance considerations
  • Techniques for determining which applications are suited for wireless
  • Incorporating WirelessHART system vetting in the MOC process

6. Management of Change 2 – maintenance and integration of WirelessHART in operations

Participants will learn:

  • Monitoring and maintaining techniques for installed networks
  • Special considerations for alerts and alarms from WirelessHART-connected devices in the context of the control loop
  • How to use WirelessHART system diagnostic data effectively
  • Assigning responsibilities for network management, battery swaps, etc.
  • Alerting and alarming with WirelessHART networks

To register for online instruction, or for more information, please visit the WirelessHART Bootcamp Page on the FieldComm Group website.