Call on ABB for analyzer integration services

By Keith Larson

Mar 05, 2019

When analytical measurements move from the lab and into the field, they often bring with them a range of special requirements. From environmentally controlled shelters to custom sample conditioning systems and supporting utilities, ensuring their accurate and reliable performance is anything but out-of-the-box. So, next time you need a specialist with expertise in the analytical systems integration niche, who ya gonna call?

ABB wants it to be them. And at this week’s ABB Customer World event in Houston, the company is for the first time showcasing the capabilities of its analytical systems integration unit, a group that has quietly built the company’s in-house integration services capability over the past several years.

ABB has experimented with a range of delivery models for its process analyzers, including third-party integrators, according to Jeff Sexton, general manager of the Houston-based analytical systems integration unit within ABB’s Measurement & Analytics group. “But we’ve found that taking on those integration tasks ourselves gives us better control over the solution that is ultimately delivered, and it gives the end user or EPC firm a single point of contact and accountability.”

Plus, since most end-user and engineering firms don’t live and breathe analyzer integration, they can focus on other tasks with the assurance that ABB will deliver a fully tested, turnkey solution, Sexton says. Indeed, on the exhibit floor at ABB Customer World, attendees can tour a sample analyzer sheltered outfitted with ABB process gas chromatographs, analyzers for continuous emissions monitoring (CEM), sample conditioning and other supporting systems.

“These sheds are factory built and tested here in Houston to our customers’ standards,” added Earl “Butch” Dailey, analytical system sales manager, Measurement & Analytics. And while the unit focuses on ABB analytical instrumentation, it can also integrate analyzers from other suppliers.