Top 10 articles of August 2019

Sept. 3, 2019
From news of the formation of Siemens Digital Industries to software in industrial automation, these were the Top 10 articles on during August 2019

10. Software eating the world is coming to industrial automation
Beginning last summer, software eating the world and disrupting established vendors is coming to industrial automation. Google, Amazon and Microsoft each announced their intention to provide data storage and related services to oil and gas and other process industries. So, what will happen as software eats the industrial world? Read more.

9. Where and how does AR, VR fit into process automation operations?
Augmented reality (AR) has gotten its first process industry foothold in training and maintenance because they're usually non-critical situations where process personnel can try it without risking production hitches or possible safety issues. Read more.

8. The gap between war games and reality - Observations from the 2019 Naval War College Cyber War Game
Joe Weiss participated in the Naval War College Cyber War Games July 25-26, 2019 in Newport, R.I. The War Game was entitled: “Defend Forward 2019 Critical Infrastructure War Game” and was focused on the electric and finance industries. Read more.

7. When to use positioners in flow control
Bela Liptak and other experts offer advice to a reader who wrote in to ask about a slow positioner that has been causing constant position adjustment and overshoots. Read more.

6. Ways to improve split-range control
Greg McMillan, George Buckbee and Nicholas Sands offer strategies and tuning tips to improve precision, smooth transitions and avoid oscillations. Read more.

5. ISA picks first members of cybersecurity alliance
The ISA announced the first six members of its new Global Cybersecurity Alliance, including: Schneider Electric, Rockwell Automation, Honeywell, Johnson Controls, Claroty and Nozomi Networks. Read more.

4. We can’t detect a cyber attack that trips a plant, but we immediately identify an outage as not being a cyber attack?
Often, an upset condition like a power outage or plant shutdown will be induced by mechanical, electrical, personnel errors, or environmental conditions. However, a sophisticated attacker can make a cyber attack look like a malfunction, and it will be difficult to detect the difference. Read more.

3. How to acquire SIS expertise
Safety instrumented systems are becoming an essential part of everyone’s engineering portfolio. William Mostia offers suggestions for how you can become a subject matter expert. Read more.

2. Control's 2019 salary survey
Following three straight years of declines in average age and two years of decreased average salaries, the respondents to Control's annual salary survey reported their 2019 average pay actually increased from last year, even though average age continued to fall. Read more. 

1. Siemens debuts new DCS, new organization
Attracting more than 700 delegates, the 2019 Siemens Automation Summit announced the formation of Siemens Digital Industries, an organization focused on automation and digitalization of processes, and the U.S. launch of the SIMATIC PCS neo. Read more. 

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