Top 10 articles from March 2019

April 1, 2019
From Joe Weiss' cybersecurity blog to coverage of ABB Customer World 2019, these were the Top 10 articles on during the month of March

1. Pentagon to utilities: Uncle Sam wants you – but who do they really need
Joe Weiss offers his critique inpired by the March 14 article in E&ENews Energywire, titled "Pentagon to Utilities: Uncle Sam Wants You." Read more.

2. Dangerous cyber attacks may not be detected by network monitoring – engineers are also needed
Sophisticated cyberattacks can be misidentified as malfunctions. Joe Weiss discusses how the 2017 Triconex cyberattack was a result of insufficient network monitoring and threat detection. Read more.

3. Robots, ‘dirty’ jobs, and the future of work
"Adapting to new technologies helps the prosperity of companies and their communities, and is not a threat," ABB's Sami Atiya said in the closing keynote of ABB Customer World 2019, explaining why robots and humans need to collaborate. Read more.

4. How to support gender diversity
In this Control Talk column, Greg McMillan speaks with Diane Doise, an experienced automation engineer, about the importance of gender diversity. Read more.

5. Select I/O sweetens sour gas project
A panel at ABB Customer World 2019 discussed how they upgraded process controls at the Wapiti sour gas plant in Northern Alberta by using ABB Select I/O and System 800x controls, coming in two months early and under budget. Read more.

6. Malfunction or cyber attack – the impact is the same and it may not be possible to know the difference
It is important to do a root cause analysis of a “malfunction.” It doesn’t matter if an incident was malicious or unintentional as long as the malfunction can be identified to prevent the event from recurring. Read more.

7. Digital wellhead may just need new protocol
At ABB Customer World 2019, ABB's Giulia Seikel explains how equipping the company's RTUs with the MQTT protocol will allow new levels of wellhead digitalization for its oil and gas customers. Read more.

8. Modern data historians provide for optimization, savings
"Now, historians are more distributed and collect data from various shop-floor applications for aggregation to a facility and the entire enterprise," says Sam Russem of Grantek Systems Integration. Read more.

9. Call on ABB for analyzer integration services
ABB wants you to think of them the next time you need an analyzer systems integration specialist. They pull together all of the support systems needed to ensure accurate and reliable performance. Read more.

10. Top 50 Automation Companies of 2017: Digitalization takes over
The storm surge of digital transformation, driven by the IIoT, cloud computing, advanced analytics and the push to managed services, continues to transform how the Top 50  do business. Read more.

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