Resource guide: Skids and modular systems

Jan. 17, 2019
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Integrating process controls, skids

This online article, "The challenges in integrating a process control system with skid-based equipment: a case study" by Robert Patrick, vice president of engineering at Superior Controls Inc., a CSIA-certified system integrator in Seabrook, N.H., examines two ways to integrate process control systems (PCS) with three different types of equipment on skids. The article details questions to ask, how to develop specifications, identifies further issues that can arise, and shows how a system integrator can implement the most appropriate devices for each application.

Superior Controls Inc.

Fabrication, cooling tower project

The first of these two about four- to five-minute videos, "Fabrication of a modular skid" by M. Davis & Sons Inc., details the company's history, engineering approach and capabilities for designing, building and implementing process skids. The second video, "DuPont cooling tower project," show how the firm
carried out a project for a major customer, and how it coordinates electrical, piping and steel activities during assembly. 

M. Davis & Sons Inc.

Compilation of cases

This online library, "Modular process case studies," consists of more than 30 examples of skid builds and other projects carried out by Epic Systems. Topics include pilot and demonstration, product and commercial plant, continuous process, industrial distillation, emulsion systems, batch mixing, batch reactor, industrial pipe bridge, heat transfer, clean in place (CIP) and wastewater treatment, and more. 

Epic Systems

Adding batch processes

This blog entry, "OEM skid integration for batch processes," by Robbie Peoples, PE, integration manager at Cross Integrated Systems Group, a CSIA-member system integrator and one of six divisions at Cross Co. in Knoxville, Tenn., outlines the challenges of integrating skids for batching, and includes four primary guidelines for accomplishing it, including allocating operating modes, following standard operating states, defining status feedback and standardizing communications. Visitors can also download a case study about the Jack Daniel's distillery on which the blog post is based.

Cross Co.

Short-subject videos

Many of the close to 30 short videos at S&S Technical's YouTube channel cover skid building, related equipment and the firm's other capabilities. Topics include skid solutions, quality assurance, walkthroughs,piping, insulation, bidirectional LPG loading and transfers including propane.

S&S Technical Inc.

Modular plants whitepaper

The 36-page whitepaper, "Modular plants" by Dechema, covers the motivations, concepts and levels of modularization, infrastructure and utilities, analytics, required working areas and gaps,standardization and interfaces, planning, apparatus development, scale-up, automation, logistics and supply chain, regulations and other topics.


Laboratory skid renovation

This 33-page research paper, "Process control laboratory skid refurbishment" by Danny Crowder, summarizes the condition of a salvaged process control skid, which the author reports was originally built by others, but hopes will be salvaged to serve the curriculum for chemical engineering students at the University of Akron. The paper covers testing procedures, process equipment, utilities, process and electrical safety equipment, potential control loops, budgeting considerations and recommendations.

IdeaExchange @ UAkron

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