Control's 10 most-read articles from July 2018

Aug. 8, 2018
From the results of the 2018 salary survey to designing effective human-machine interfaces, these were the 10 most-read articles during the month of July 2018

1. Control's 2018 salary survey
After years of rapidly aging workforces, accelerating retirements and the brain drain of expertise, it appears the process control field's professionals are finally getting a little younger as a group. Read more.

2. Honeywell rises to ExxonMobil challenge
"It's the best example of Honeywell's commitment to continuous evolution that I've ever seen." ExxonMobil's David Patin discussed how Honeywell helped bring forward its legacy TDC investments. Read more.

3. Understanding P, I and D
Consistently making Control's top lists, Greg McMillan provides an in-depth explanation of roles of the proportional, integral and derivative terms within the PID controller. Read more.

4. Custody transfer flow measurement: Why can a DP flowmeter be used for gas but not liquid?
In July's Ask the Experts, a reader asks why a differential pressure flowmeter can be used for custody transfer flow measurement of gas but not liquids. Read more.

5. Patience has rewards: Top 50 automation companies of 2016
The Top 50 worldwide and North American process control and automation suppliers are making slow, consistent gains with help from the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Read more.

6. How process control can get the most out of IIoT
Simple networking and the Internet are widely penetrating into manufacturing and industry. With IIoT's teethmarks everywhere, what do its new players have to say? Read more.

7. Controlling steam: What you don't know can hurt you
Greg McMillan and Steve Huffman discuss the failure of some to understand the thermodynamic properties of steam and how they affect systems in a heat transfer control loop. Read more.

8. Capacity control of reciprocating compressors
Integrating large reciprocating compressors into complex processes with side streams or multi-stream compression requires precise control and operational flexibility. Read more.

9. How to prevent acceleration, jumping and oscillation of unstable processes
Greg McMillan explains causes of acceleration, jumping and oscillation in unstable processes and provides solutions for safe, productive processes. Read more.

10. How to design effective HMIs
Designing the best HMI requires designers to find the correct knowledge base. From questionnaires to workshops, several methods can be used to gain this knowledge. Read more.

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