Control's 10 most-read articles from June 2018

July 3, 2018
From coverage of the 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED conference and 2018 Honeywell Users Group to networking and cybersecurity, these were the 10 most-read articles during June 2018

1. Honeywell rises to ExxonMobil challenge
At the 2018 Honeywell Users Group, ExxonMobil’s David Patin discussed how Honeywell successfully paved the way for the company to preserve and bring forward its legacy TDC investments. Read more.

2. Rockwell Automation allies with PTC
On the first day of the 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED conference, Blake Moret, chairman and CEO of Rockwell Automation, announced a new partnership with and $1 billion investment in technology platform and solutions provider PTC. Read more.

3. Understanding P, I and D
R. Russell Rhinehart explains what the proportional, integral and derivative terms do within the PID controller. Developing this understanding is essential to choose appropriate action, troubleshoot controllers, choose appropriate modifications or set up advanced controllers. Read more.

4. Solving problems with different ways of thinking
Temple Grandin, author, animal behavior expert, businesswoman and advocate for autistic people spoke at Rockwell Automation's TechED 2018, expounding on topics from how we invent to how different minds work when solving problems. Read more.

5. 15 ways to fail at fieldbus
Fieldbus for industrial control systems is well beyond the frontier stage, but there remain some common pitfalls that will prove vexing if they are not avoided early. Read more.

6. U.S. DHS unveils cybersecurity guide
The U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security released a strategy outlining its approach to managing national cybersecurity risk and detailing an approach to address the evolving threats to U.S. cyber and critical infrastructure security. Read more.

7. How process control can get the most out of IIoT
Simpler networking and the Internet are penetrating manufacturing and industry, and they're bringing digitalization, virtualization and cloud computing along with them. With IIoT's teeth marks are everywhere, what do all it's new players have to say? Read more.

8. John Rudolph tapped to lead Honeywell Process Solutions
With only a couple weeks under his belt in his new role as president of Honeywell Process Solutions, John Rudolph took the stage at the 2018 Honeywell Users Group to re-introduce himself and share his vision for the future of the company. Read more.

9. Amazon turns to Logix for modular edge intelligence
At the 2018 Rockwell Automation TechED conference, Amazon’s Bart Schouwenaars-Harms discussed how machine-mounted solutions from Rockwell Automation are allowing the company to rapidly commission more modular fulfillment centers. Read more.

10. SMC's EX600-W wireless system combines speed, security
SMC's EX600-W series wireless system is designed to provide safe and reliable communications using 2.4-GHz radio frequency bands reserved for industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) use. Read more.