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Dec. 15, 2009
EAM—is there any “there” there? Check out our additional online resources on EAM.

A search on Controlglobal.com turns up many items related to asset management. Here are a few of the best.


  • Pulling Together on Asset Management?
    Users Are Implementing New Preventive Maintenance, Condition-Based and Optimization Tools in More Settings. Here’s How They Make Asset Management Pay Off—If They Can Get Their Staffs to Use It.
  • Approach asset management incrementally
    According to Technically Speaking columnist Dan Hebert, PE, local condition monitors allow end users to approach asset management at their own pace, and to address the highest payback items first.
  • How to Get Started in Asset Performance Management
    Customers Can Enjoy Control-System-Class Device Management and Optimization Benefits in a Small Package
  • Emerson and Meridium Marry Asset Management Expertise
    A Partnership Delivering Enhanced Asset Management Capability to the Process Industries Customers
  • Energizing the enterprise
    Asset management will put the zip back in your plants! CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes reports on the industry’s stampede toward asset management systems for productivity improvement.
  • The art of asset management
    Will asset management save North America's process plants? This article from the editors of CONTROL provides the 411 on local and remote asset management capabilities and corporate oversight.
  • Linking Asset and Maintenance Management Systems
    When It is Time to Link a CMMS to an Asset Management Application, There are a Wealth of Options
  • November 2007 cover story article, Plant Service Soon.
    EAM is different from industry to industry. Just what is enterprise asset management? By Nancy Bartels
  • Wisconsin Public Service Optimizes with CMMS
    Wisconsin Public Service has had to respond to changing markets in electricity generation
  • Walt Boyes, “What Asset Management Can Do for You,”
    CONTROL Editor in Chief, Walt Boyes, takes a look at the latest battleground in process automation: the way we do asset management. What's a poor, confused process engineer to do?
  • Rich Merritt, “Serving Up Asset Management,”
    Asset management is like pizza that comes in many flavors and styles. It can be cut into several pieces, cooked with ingredients from home, or ordered out. So, would you like yours thin crust or deep dish?
  • Ian Verhappen, “HART 6: The Very Model of a Modern Calibrator?”
    Can HART, version 6, turn your calibrator or field programmer into a primary asset management tool? CONTROL’s Ian Verhappen takes a closer look at the latest and greatest in field calibration.
  • Dan Hebert, “Linking Asset and Maintenance Management Systems,”
    When It is Time to Link a CMMS to an Asset Management Application, There are a Wealth of Options

White Papers

  • It Pays to Give Energy Management a Thought!
    This paper comments on possible ways to manage energy in a processing plant. More specifically we will concentrate on better energy measurement and increasing efficiency through benchmarking and information management. The author will also offer practical ways to reduce operational costs with small capital expenditure and thus a fast ROI.
  • Boos ROA with Proactive Asset Performance Maximization Strategy
    Industrial enterprises must squeeze the most out of their assets in today's challenging business environment. The price of entry into many markets is operational efficiency plus effective, real-time reaction to changes in internal or external market conditions. Read this white paper to learn how you can boost your company's ROA by maximizing your asset performance strategy.
  • Automation Asset and Performance Management
    Automation systems are critical to ensuring high asset utilization and consistent product quality.  Plant personnel are responsible for increasingly complex automation assets, yet they often have limited measures of asset performance.  This paper illustrates how leading companies are delivering bottom-line results with performance supervision systems.
  • Safeguarding Your Plant Automation Systems with Change Management
    The increased use of plant floor automation to achieve production goals has created a dependency on PLCs, PC control systems and programmable automation. These devices and their logic programs are costly to develop but vital to the running of the plant, and are viewed by most companies as corporate assets. It is incumbent on plant and corporate management to insure that proper safeguards are in place to protect and manage change in these assets. This paper examines the sources and types of changes that take place in plant automation environments, and the considerations and approaches necessary to safeguard your automation systems through the effective use of a Change Management System (CMS).
  • Real-Time Asset Performance in Process Plants,”
    Most process plant personnel are unaware that their plant assets are under-performing. Real-Time Asset Performance Management is the practice of getting all your assets to perform at their best, all the time. This is a proven practice which delivers significant financial results.
  • Utilizing Real-Time Information in Enterprise Asset Management Systems,”
    One of the keys to improving maintenance is the proper and intelligent use of asset information that lies locked away within the minds of a retiring workforce and within the various control systems and data warehouses common in industry.

And at Our Sister Publication, Plant Services

  • 2006 CMMS Review: Key Trends Drive CMMS/EAM,”
    This accompanying article to the 2006 CMMS Software Review identifies the key trends in CMMS. The online review allows you to define, refine and source your requirements and get a clear view of what package is best for your plant.