Online training videos explode the myths of plant performance

Aug. 15, 2006
"The 6 Myths of Process Performance" identifies the right things to focus on for improved process performance. The myths represent outdated methods of plant performance improvement. Each myth is debunked in a short 5-minute video.

Suddenly plant personnel can see exactly where to focus their efforts. The old methods, or myths, of performance improvement are no longer relevant. These free on-line training videos expose the right things and explode common myths.

Myth 6: You Can't Show the Value in Dollars and Cents
   View the Video (6 mins. WMV)

Learn how to document the bottom-line financial benefits of performance supervision. Several methods are shown.

Previously Released:
Myth 1: Tuning is Everything.
   View the Video (5 mins. WMV)

Myth 2: Averages are More Important than Dynamics
   View the Video (7 mins. WMV)

Myth 3: There Isn't Time to Look at Everything
   View the Video (6 mins. WMV)

Myth 4: Each Unit Operation is an Island
   View the Video (5 mins. WMV)

Myth 5: Analog Instruments Can't Deliver Diagnostics
   View the Video (6 mins. WMV)

The 6 Myths of Plant Performance

Myths 4, 5 and 6 will be published next month.

These video presentations are stored in Windows Media Video format (wmv). They can be viewed by most any media player including Windows Media Player and Winamp.

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