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ISA process conference set for Nov. 4-6

Sept. 16, 2019
Dr. Dennis Ong and Dr. John Thomas to speak at 2019 conference

The International Society of Automation reported Aug. 26 that its 2019 Process Industry Conference (PIC) will be held on Nov. 4-6 at the Westin Houston, MemorialCity. It adds this is a critical event for those who wish to understand the demands and find answers to problems in energy processing and process manufacturing. Whether the participant is a business owner, industry leader, or chemical professional in the engineering and manufacturing sectors, this event is guaranteed to spark thought-provoking questions and maybe even prompt them to take action.

This year’s featured speakers include Dr. Dennis Ong, who is a TEDx speaker, architect and head of 5G Mobility at Verizon Smart Communities. Previously, he was chief architect and director at Nokia, where he led the systems engineering team for the loT Impact platform tha received the “Best loT Innovation for Mobile Networks” award at Mobile World Congress. At Alcatel-Lucent, his team collaborated with three start-ups creating a highly scalable analytics video optimization platform that served 50 million people worldwide.

Another distinguished speaker is Dr. John Thomas, executive director of MIT’s Engineering Systems Lab. He has researched engineering mistakes, design flaws, and human error to develop more effective methods to prevent them. He teaches classes on system safety, cybersecurity, system engineering software, digital hardware engineering, human factors, and system architecture. His work has been widely adopted throughout the industry, including techniques for developing requirements, anticipating unexpected or dysfunctional interactions in engineered systems, analyzing software-intensive systems, human-centered design processes and others.