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MESA service award winners announced

June 17, 2019
New Innovative Service award honors long-time community member Tom Bruhn

MESA International announced May 20 the winners of its 12th annual Outstanding Contribution awards and new Innovative Service award honoring long-time community member Tom Bruhn. The winners have contributed time, expertise and research to an ever-growing MESA platform of training and education on smart manufacturing and enterprise solutions. The winners are:

  • John Clemons, Maverick, for excellence in marketing and events leadership;

  • Julie Fraser, Iyno Advisors, for leadership and excellence as smart manufacturing community group facilitator;

  • Gerhard Greeff, Bytes Universal Systems, for excellence leading smart manufacturing initiatives at MESA Africa and in the overall manufacturing community;

  • Bradley Rowen, Cargill, for leadership and excellence as MESA Americas board chair

  • Desmond Savage, Modus IOT Ltd., for leadership and excellence as MESA Ireland special interest group chair; and

  • Conrad Leiva, iBASEt, who won the Tom Bruhn Innovative Service Award for leadership with the smart manufacturing working group and community. This award honors the memory of long-time MESA member, Tom Bruhn, who furthered MESA's mission and served the manufacturing community, and died in 2018.