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Control, IWIM launch career development, gender diversity survey

May 14, 2019
Share your thoughts on your organization’s efforts

We here at ControlGlobal.com work hard to make sure you have all the latest information you need to keep your operations running smoothly and optimally. As part of that effort, we need input from people like you, who are in the trenches, so to speak. Whether it's our annual Readers’ Choice Awards or Salary Survey, we couldn't provide that data and insights that many readers have come to rely on without it. 

In this spirit, we've partnered with Putman Media's Influential Women in Manufacturing (IWIM) program to find out how industry is doing in terms of gender diversity and career development. The anonymous survey will contribute to a special report to be released in the fall, which will provide insights on several aspects of career development and gender diversity from the perspective of both men and women. 

Additionally, we’re hoping to get as comprehensive an overview as possible. So, we’re collecting perspectives from all levels of industry—entry level to executive.

So now, we ask you, man or woman, new hire or veteran, entry-level employee to executive, to give us your thoughts on your company or organization's gender diversity and career development efforts. We don’t ask a lot of questions, or anything too personal, so please take a few moments to respond, so we can give you even more information to help you and your colleagues.

You can complete the survey here, or learn more about IWIM here. Thank you in advance for your time helping us to help you.