Oceania Dairy implements ERPortal for enterprise asset and materials management

June 15, 2015
New Zealand dairy exporter deploys ERPortal's CMMS and Asset Management software suite.

Oceania Dairy, a leading New Zealand dairy exporter, will be deploying ERPortal's CMMS and asset management software suite as part of its new enterprise asset and materials management strategy.

With the new software suite, Oceania Dairy will be able to create PM schedules, condition-based maintenance schedules, and proactively track the health of all plant assets by using computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) technology tightly coupled with their industrial control system.

“The Oceania Dairy success story illustrates how manufacturing facilities can maintain uptime, ensure safety and reduce costs for greater bottom line impact,” said Ed Garibian, president of eRPortal Software Group. “Oceania Dairy also demonstrates the fact that highly efficient manufacturing is achieved through integration of production systems with work order preventative and condition-based maintenance applications.”