GE Intelligent Platforms to resell Metso FieldCare

Jan. 6, 2010

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. --  GE Intelligent Platforms has announced that it is collaborating with Metso Corporation of Helsinki, Finland, to resell its Metso FieldCare Device Asset Management Solution. This solution provides device asset management that delivers benefits to the customer through the complete process plant life cycle. 

Metso FieldCare helps customers enhance the efficiency of process management with the help of information covering the process life cycle of their plant devices. This condition-monitoring solution gives a quick overview of the operational status of all intelligent field equipment in the system. The information it provides supports predictive maintenance and can be used to plan regular maintenance activities, ensuring sufficient time to order spare parts and plan for service operations. It also lowers the cost of ownership as it can manage many devices, helps plan maintenance activities, and, as part of the process control system, will be a valuable addition to further optimize and reduce the operational costs of the overall operation. 

FieldCare provides a single tool with which to manage process devices, and its web-enabled interfaces allow for the information to be distributed broadly across the user's network in real time. Its ability to show both standard configuration parameters and device-specific functions eliminates the need for vendor-specific tools.