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RBM program prevents $1.8M of lost production at UK Coal

May 5, 2006
Emerson's Machinery Health technologies enables UK COAL to avoid equipment failures and prevent $1.8M of lost production with its Reliability-Based Maintenance (RBM) program.

Data from the CSI 5100 Machinery Health Oil Analyzer is processed using AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software.


UK COAL, Britain's largest independent coal mining company, has implemented a Reliability-Based Maintenance (RBM) program utilizing Emerson Process Management’s Machinery Health Management technologies. The program has reportedly prevented equipment failures last year which would have resulted in a potential production loss of more than $1.8M. 

Peter Watson, Vibration Engineer at U.K. Coal Mining, said, “Comprehensive results have enabled UK COAL to identify potential failures, and schedule equipment replacement into non-production time.”

UK COAL is Britain's largest producer of coal, supplying around 10% of the country's energy needs for electricity generation. The company currently has seven deep mines located in central and northern England, and five active surface mine sites. The main business drivers are safety and availability.

Vibration monitoring at UK COAL had been carried out by a third party organization, but was moved in-house when the RBM program was implemented. UK COAL uses Emerson’s CSI 2120 Machinery Health Analyzers for the collection and analysis of vibration data, CSI 5100 Machinery Health Oil Analyzers to perform oil analysis, and AMS Machinery Manager software to analyze and report results.

By collecting and analyzing vibration data, functional failures can be avoided -- saving cost and lost production.